About Us


Who We Are A little about us


We love coffee. We love gaming.
We know that great coffee matters and that gaming is a lifelong enjoyment, so we are here to provide you with a fast, hassle-free service of tasty coffee and great gaming in the heart of Paisley.

Our VR and gaming covers every genre imaginable and we love exploring new stuff

All our coffee is ethically sourced by trusted green importers in the UK. This means the farmers are paid a higher price than fair trade as they are rewarded for the quality of their coffee.


Our Commitment

Mission Statement

We believe freshness of coffee is super important. Supermarket coffee can be sitting on a shelf for up to 2 years, leaving it stale and tasteless.

We will never use a coffee bean that’s more than a week old.  We use high quality 100% Arabica beans which are batch roasted for maximum freshness.

In VR and Gaming we will always strive to provide the best safe, comfortable and enjoyable environment we can.